Things to do in panama

Things to Do in Panama

Panama’s small size covers up a wide variety of landscapes, fascinating cities and villages, and a plethora of holiday opportunities. Both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts have amazing beaches and island nations. The volcanic region is house to cocoa farms, small towns, geysers, wildlife, and some fantastic walking trails.

Panama City is a metropolitan area with shopping, restaurants, and various adventure activities, such as the Panama Canal, the world’s most popular location. The Old Town, or Casco Viejo, is where most very next tourists enjoy the views and learn a bit about the city’s history.

Places to Visit in Panama

These are some places to must visit in Panama areas:

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is by far Panama’s most popular attraction. The true magnitude of this incredible feat of engineering is revealed when a huge ship, stacked high with colorful containers, glides quietly into locks. An Afloat trip of the canal will provide you with even more insight.

The perfect place for seeing the Panama Canal is now at the Miraflores Locks, about 25 minutes outside downtown Panama City. The five-story recreation area, which includes a small store, a restaurant, and an IMAX theater in a separate structure, offers the canal’s views.

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas del Toro is Panama’s most prominent Caribbean vacation spot. This group of low-lying nearby beaches near Costa Rica’s border is known for its beautiful soft-sand beaches and crystal-clear, azure-colored seas.

The environment is highly laid-back, with many young tourists flocking to the region and living for months or even years. Surfing, cycling, diving, and simply relaxing on the beach are Bocas del Toro options. Most activities are inexpensive.

Despite the presence of luxurious resorts with ocean views, it is a spending plan resort often visited by individuals or couples.

Sunset Coast

The Sunset Coast is also an unexplored region with country villages, massive outdoor beaches, or a limited number of lodges where you’ll get away from the significant scene. It is among the few Panama areas, and you’ll see the sun fall and over the Pacific Ocean.

It was rural Panama, where you’ll find rolling hills, smaller towns, small farms, and miles of palm-lined beaches. International visitors are scarce in comparison to other parts of the region, and most visitors are Panamanians. The road from either the Pan-American Highways to the Sunset Coast is jagged and has a few holes in the road to avoid, and yet every mile brings you too far off the tourist trail.


Boquete, a mountain town with a beautiful climate, is a great place to get away from the coast and lower regions’ often-humid heat. Expats and citizens flee the winter in cold areas and local Panamanians looking for a weekend getaway flock to the place, which is laid-back and safe.

The choice of fantastic restaurants, and a mix of beautiful spaces and luxurious inns, add to the appeal. This is also one of Panama’s trendy coffee-growing regions and a popular destination for wildlife photography enthusiasts, particularly hikers and birdwatchers.

Narrow Streets of Casco Viejo

As you walk through the narrow roads of Casco Viejo, also recognized as the Old Town, you are surrounded by history. View colorful houses, ancient ruins, and spectacular views across the sea of modern Panama City’s gleaming buildings. This area is small, and all the attractions are within walking distance of one another.

In the afternoon, cafes set up picnic tables on the streets, and the houses and structures are beautifully lit. Boutique hotels in renovated buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries make this area perfect for a romantic trip.

San Blas Islands

A vacation to the San Blas Islands could be just what you’re looking for if you want to get off the beaten path and experience a taste of adventure. This region is known for its handwritten note islands with coconut trees and crystal-clear waves softly lapping the famous sites.

However, you should expect to embrace your inner Robinson Crusoe because the facilities are usually rustic. Only one time to experience such idyllic islands should be arranging a tour with native Guna citizens, including transportation to, from, and across the islands, lodging, and three simple meals per day. This is an entirely off-the-grid adventure, so plan accordingly.

Unusual Things to Do in Panama

Some of the unusual experiences in exploring Panama are below:

In San Blas, Wake on a Desert Island.

The Guna Yala native communities live on the San Blas island, consisting of 360 or so tiny islands off Panama’s northeast shore. It’s not easy to get over to San Blas, and there’s a good reason for that. The Guna individuals desire their land to be preserved, so they have control over-tourism. San Blas is among the few parts of the world that you can live on an island by yourself if you fly by sea. Imagine Robinson Crusoe’s sanctuary, complete with sand beaches, dark crystalline blue waters, and coconut trees.

Hike the Darien Gap

Hike the Darién Gap, a forest with no roads on the Colombian border. The UNESCO Historic Site of Darién National Park, recognized as a narcotic trafficking route through Panama and Colombia, is seldom explored by visitors. This is not a hike for the faint of heart, as it is home to toxic frogs, reef snakes, alligators, and mice. You could come across fresh Bugatti tracks while walking in the dirt, though, and you’ll undoubtedly see several of the most incredible birds you’ve seen yet (the Darién is among the world’s best bird-watching vacation spots).

Summit of The Barú Volcano

The Bar Volcano is now dormant, one of the few locations on the planet where you’ll see either the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The volcano, which is near the enormous mountain of Boquete, is a sought-after attraction and a challenging climb. Many people begin climbing about nighttime to peak until the sun comes up high just above the skies.

Unique Things to Do in Panama

There are dozens of tropical islands, indigenous tribes, and historical sites to explore, so there are also plenty of unique experiences to go around. Here’s a list of the best off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Spend A Day with The Embera Indigenous People

The opportunity to interact with indigenous groups is among the pleasures of exploring Panama. In the Darién region, the Emberá, a semi-nomadic group, stay. They open the gates of their towns to small numbers of tourists who seek to understand their lifestyle, and they are friendly and accommodating. You could either take a day trip or stay the evening in the town, observing adults make local traditions, people cook, or kids play.

Snorkel in Isla Coiba

Santa Catalina is a genuine jewel on Panama’s Pacific Coast, situated next to 38 islands, such as the breathtaking Isla Coiba Nature Reserve. It’s close to a few of Ecuador’s Galapagos in terms of the highly diverse tropical sea creatures on display, and that’s renowned for its diving snorkeling adventures.

Surf in Playa Venao

Playa Venao, on Panama’s Pacific Ocean, is regarded as one of the state’s most extraordinary surfing islands. It was a good starting point for newcomers, and it’s also a favorite destination for experienced surfers, for waves that split both wrong and right or a gritty floor. One significant benefit is that surfing is available all year.

Do’s in Panama

When you travel to Panama’s several desert islands for some quality sun, snorkeling, play up the castaway stereotypes. Bastimentos National Marine Park in Bocas del Toro has both rainforest and sea life, including sloths, turtles, even jewel-like poison arrows frogs. A rich culture mix awaits Ngobe- Buglé, Afro-Caribbean, Latino, and past cultures. When you travel to Panama’s several desert islands for some quality sun, sand, and snorkeling, play up the castaway stereotypes.

Costa Rica has long held Central America’s wildlife king’s title, but its neighbor, Nicaragua, is home to just as many extraordinary animals – it doesn’t sell it. Watch out over dolphins, reef sharks, and marine mammals cruising with the waves when you travel out to Panama’s beaches.

There are many choices for riders of all ages, from minor road cycling excursions via the Chiriqui Mountains and hours riding across the Channel Tunnel to full-fledged biking trips through Nicaragua to Panama City. Hills and volcanic activity must be descended, jungles must be traversed, and islands must be ferried to – all with a bike in hand. Simply be aware of the sun.

Dont’s in Panama

Community experiences include traditional music and dance and opportunities to try local cuisine ranging from plantains to lobster, read regarding medicinal herbs, and have canoe trips across creeks and rivers while keeping an eye out for wildlife.

Stay with each other. If you can only visit this area of the globe once, it’s worth crossing the border through Costa Rica – and further east – to stay ahead of the tiny size of such nations and also the ease with where you can ride across them. Tour the duration of its isthmus; cycle from Nicaragua to a Canal; or discover the wildlife in Costa Rica & Panama.

All coasts of Panama are lined with beautiful beaches, but be careful of the rip currents, which claim live yearly. Never dive alone, pay more attention to danger signs, and once you’ve been stuck in a rip, don’t start swimming against it; you’ll kill yourself.

Family Things to Do in Panama

By gathering suitable fun activities to do in Panama City Beach with kids, you can create an unforgettable vacation.

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

This 22-acre area was one of Panama City Beach’s many favorite family outings because it launched in 1976.

Shipwreck Island is unrivaled when it comes to employment fun. This famous park provides nonstop big flashy fun for teenagers, adults, and children with a range of thrilling time of life slides and rock formations.

Shipwreck Island has games and slides for tourists of all generations, from either a kid’s zone to thrilling slides.

Race City 

Race City, which has been running since 1985, is home to some of the most thrilling attractions for children today. This fun center is jam-packed with family-friendly rides and attractions, including the city’s highest, steepest, most elevated go-kart paths and even a haunted house.

Rides and amenities for adults, teenagers, and children and families abound in Race City.

Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World, which opened in 1970, is a must-see experience recognized for its entertaining stories involving fascinating marine animals.

At Gulf World Marine Park, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to float with a group of adorable dolphins. Communicate with sea lions, manatees, sea lions, sea turtles, or other animals at the park afterward. Even once you enter the park, take in some of the large animal exhibits and eating exercises.

Gulf World Marine Park is often an excellent stop for adults, teenagers, and children aged three and up.

Splash Resort

This 2-tower resort provides a memorable and enjoyable escape and all with its beachside venue and family-friendly facilities.

Splash Resort impresses visitors with all its gulf views and incredibly comfortable beds. This resort is a haven for kids, with plenty of kid-friendly facilities. Your kids will have a blast discovering the venue’s kiddie playground, lazy river, and three pools.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy Splash Resort’s rooms and amenities.

Best Time to Visit Panama

Around January and mid-April is the perfect planning to experience Panama. That’s the driest time of each year when the tropical climate at its most beautiful.

Planning to travel to Panama mostly during the rest of every year, once you can attend local activities and events, is also a good idea. You’ll still enjoy extreme summers (an average of 86°F) and, when you don’t mind a little rain, it’s a fantastic deal.

Mainly on the Caribbean coast, there are many briefs, intense rainstorms almost every day. From May to November, that Pacific coast experiences a rainy season.

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