Things to do in Orlando for Adults

Things to do in Orlando for Adults

Orlando, Florida is best known for its exciting theme parks, perfect weather, and super-gorgeous lakes. Making finding things to do in Orlando, Flordia for adults to be very entertaining. There are activities of all ages, it’s no wonder this city attracts over 60-Million visitors every year.

With a climate that averages between 75 Fahrenheit, Orlando promises the visitors all-year-round appeal.

From roller coasters to rocket ships, from downtowns to enormous malls, let’s discover some of the best things to do in Orlando for Adults, Solo-visitors and for couples as well

Things to Do In Orlando for Adults

     1.  Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Don’t fret if you didn’t get the invitation letter from Hogwarts, you can still follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps. Visitors to the exciting wizarding world can get a chance to taste butterbeer, attend a Quidditch match, or practice spells with their friends. This is the reason it is rank very high on the list of fun things to do in Orlando for adults. After your adventure at wizardry world, you can stock up on side-splitting gags at Weasley’s wizard wheezes among many other gift shops.

     2.  Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show

Offering a variety of shows, the evening at Sleuths is filled with laughs, mystery, and amazing cuisine. Guests will get a chance to test their investigative skills while trying to solve a gruesome crime over a delicious dinner.

At the end of the night, their in-house detective reveals the actual criminals among all the performers and awards amazing fun prizes to the evening’s successful salutes.

     3.  Discovery Cove

This all-inclusive theme park offers guests white sand beaches, tropical lagoons, and the opportunity to meet some of Florida’s marine animals. Despite their collection of tropical fish and exotic birds, Discovery Cove is famous for offering visitors an opportunity to swim with dolphins. Be sure to book this early because it sells out quickly because it is on a lot of people’s list of fun things to do in Orlando Florida for adults. I am sure that you’re excited to book your tickets for this theme park and but hurry up since they only allow only 1300 visitors a day.

     4.  Madame Tussauds Orlando

Madame Tussauds has a wax museum in different cities all across the globe. But Orlando’s location might just be the world’s best. Pose with your favorite Super-Heroes like Wonder Woman and Superman, click the photos or enjoy the party with your favorite musicians like Pitbull or Miley Cyrus.

Their immense collection of wax sculptures includes actors, celebrities, and famous historians such as Abraham Lincoln.

     5.  Indoor Skydiving

Moving on to indoor things to do in Orlando Florida for adults is Skydiving. Everyone should experience the ultimate thrill of skydiving at least once in a lifetime. But, jumping from an airplane isn’t for everybody. The iFly Orlando skydiving center brings you all the excitement of skydiving, minus the terrifying freefall. If you ever wanted to fly, a chance to float in their vertical wind tunnel might be as close as you’ll ever get.

     6.  Disney Springs

This excellent shopping spot is filled with Disney-themed entertainment, sophisticated dining options, and one of the best souvenirs you can purchase.

Guest can also explore the Lego Store, geek out in the NBA experience, or catch a concert at the house of blues. After spending a long, tardy day shopping, visitors can indulge themselves in steak lobster, and wine at the famous boathouse restaurant. This is more of sightseeing and because of that, it is listed as one of the top cheap things to do in Orlando Florida for adults.

Orlando and the central Florida area are well-known for absolutely incredible world-class theme parks. But there is a tendency among the people to only go to the theme parks while their visit to Orlando or surrounding areas. But they do not explore other than theme parks as there are countless other amazing things to do in Orlando for Adults, outside of the theme parks bubble.

     7.  Shopping

You have got enormous malls such as Florida Mall, Cordova Mall, and The Mall at Millenia, which is also regarded as the home of the Cheesecake factory. We highly recommend you to have a meal there with your friends.

Other than malls, there are also many premium and world-famous outlets out there in the city. You can also head towards the supermarkets such as Walmart and many outdoor shopping spots too.

Winter Garden Village is one such lovely shopping area with multiple outdoor shops and since it situated just outside the city so there would not be much crowd there. This place is specifically suitable for those who hate to visit the outlets with full chaos in the daytime.

     8.  Visiting Small Downtown Areas

Visiting the small downtown areas across the Orlando and Central Florida areas is one the best things to do in Orlando for adults and other travelers. Celebration is one of the most popular tourist spots that you cannot afford to miss out on while visiting Orlando. It is originally developed and created by the Walt Disney Company.

This downtown area has some lovely independent shops, restaurants and you will enjoy some magical vibes there. Downtown Kissimmee is another absolutely beautiful place with a lovely main street area, having antique shops and restaurants on both sides. A gorgeous waterfront park is the latest and worth-visiting walk-around that also deserves your time to visit.

     9.  Visiting a Winery

For the perfect wine lover’s day out, head to Lake Ridge Winery and Vineyard, a stunning country estate just west of Orlando. Go on a complimentary wine tour whilst soaking out the mesmerizing views then sample the award-winning wine for free.

You can also stock up on wine and gourmet food at the on-site shop and enjoy it out in the beautiful grounds overlooking the vineyard.

    10.  Play Golf on World Class Course

For couples wanting to hold together, there is a never-ending lineup of golf courses in Orlando. Stay at Reunion Resort in Kissimmee and you will have an access to three championship golf courses right on your doorstep.

Great golf can also be found at champion skate resort Disney World, mystic duty, and celebration to name just a few places.

     11.  Hang out at a State-of-The-Art Driving Range

If you prefer your golf with a twist then the top golf driving range is the place to head. This vast complex has a high-tech driving range plus a swanky lounge with drinks and fun games.

The driving bays all have DV TVs and music as well as climate control too. So you will be comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. Food from the full-service restaurant can be delivered directly to your hitting base. You can also order soft drinks, wines, beers, and cocktails from the bar. It’s a perfect place for a fun-packed date night.

     12.  Ride a Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise

Take your relationship to dizzying new heights with a sunrise ride on a hot-air balloon. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or just do something a little different.
A hot-air balloon ride is an amazing experience to share together. Orlando balloon rides offer sunrise flight seven days a week and your pilot will point out Orlando’s most interesting sights from its famous theme parks to its orange groves and swamps.

After landing, a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your special experience.

     13.  Zip-Line over Alligators

Clip-in and zip-off on a journey over alligator-infested swamps lands if you want to experience a daring adventure. The Screamin’ Gator Zipline at Gator land takes you on a high-flying adventure from heights of up to 65 feet from the ground.

Gatorland in Orlando combines nature, wildlife, and good old-fashioned theme park fun. Sitting on a 110-acres site just south of Orlando city, this theme park and wildlife preserve has been titled the ‘Alligator Capital of the World’. It promised several family-friendly fun including an observing tower, alligator and crocodile show a swamp walk, zip-line alligator training sessions, and daily shows.

You will soar over hundreds of giant alligators and crocodiles at speed over 30 miles per hour. It may sound scary but it’s incredibly entertaining and perfect for sharing that’s someone special in your life.

     14.  Kraft Azalea Garden

Located off the beaten path, Kraft Azalea Garden is the type of public, space that the average visitor may not realize exists. Located at the shore of Lake Maitland, this secluded and unique 5.22-acres park is ideal for a relaxing visit.

You can also the beauty of the Azaleas in bloom and the enormous cypress trees throughout the park.

     15.   Kennedy Space Centre

Sitting on the eastern coast of Florida around 45-minutes from Downtown Orlando, the Kennedy. This space center has proved year on year to be one of the region’s most popular attractions.

Kennedy Space Center has become so much more than just a site for NASA to launch their astronauts off from the surface of the Earth. Take a trip out of the ozone in a simulator or even arrange to have a launch with a veteran astronaut.

     16.  Get Flirty on a Cocktail Tour

For couples who enjoy tipple together, Orlando has some fantastic cocktail bars where you can sample a variety of tasty handcrafted drinks.

Dr. Phillips, Downtown Orlando, and Mills 50 are some of the best neighborhoods for cocktail crawls.

Getting Around Orlando

Whether you’re in Orlando or in any other part of the world, how to get around the city is one of the most asked questions. It is better to know different transport options to avoid any misunderstanding, save your time and money too.

The good news for the visitors is getting around Orlando is quite easier as it is one of the visitor-favorite vacation destinations. Interstate runs from east to west and you can reach out to many important destinations, by accessing this road.

Following transportation options are easily available in Orlando.

·      Lynx Bus

LYNX is regarded as the most favorable option for comfortable and economical. Thousands of visitors and locals citizens use this safest mode of transportation every day. Fares are quite reasonable but if you want to save few bucks while getting around the city then I would suggest you get the LYNX pass.

·      Orlando Taxi

Orlando taxi is arguably the quickest and relaxing experience for every visitor while traveling to or from the airport. You can find a taxi anywhere and most of these taxis have calibrated meters. The whole taxi system is regulated by the administration and your total fare will be calculated by the calibrated meter. They do not charge as per the passenger, whether you’re traveling or with family, you will have to pay all the fare.

·      Orlando Shuttle Van Service

If you want to get a comfortable ride but at the least expensive rate, as compared to Taxis then Orlando Shuttle Van service is for you. You should also inquire from your hotel, vacation destination whether they offer complimentary transportation services or not.

·      Orlando Car Rental

Many hotels in Orlando city offer free bus shuttle services to 3-major theme park destinations. But, if your plans are to explore the beauty of Orlando city yourself, then you can also rent a car. Particularly, if you’re traveling with your family then it will be a good idea to get a car for rent instead of waiting for buses or taxis. You can conveniently get a car from the hotel and then return them back while leaving.

·      SunRail Train

SunRail is Florida’s passenger system which was started back in 2014 and it passes from 4 countries such as Osceola, Orange, Seminole, and Volusia. It is another widely used transportation way at Orlando by the visitors and locals. It runs from Monday to Friday and closed on certain holidays.

Driving in Orlando

A stress-free and fastest way to seeing all the destinations, you’ve planned on your schedule. Since Orlando is a busy city with a lot of visitors throughout the year, therefore, you will see many visitors besides the roads. These few things are needed to keep in mind while driving in Orlando.

  • You must have a license issued by the country where you live, in order to drive any vehicle in Orlando.
  • According to the recent updates, now visitors should have an international driving permit in order to drive across Florida.
  • It is mandatory for the drivers to turn on the headlight and wipers during the rain.
  • Similar to other countries, seatbelt laws are also applied to the drivers and passengers of a vehicle.

Tips for anyone moving to Orlando

Here are few things that you need to know whether you’re visiting or going to reside there permanently.

·      Get to know the current situation of the State

It always a wise thing especially in the current pandemic situation, to get to know about the ongoing situation. By knowing the current situation, you can decide whether you should go there right now or wait for few weeks. Also, SOPs and some rules related to Covid-19 varies from state to state therefore, you should have an idea about that.

·      Learn to embrace the weather

The weather at Orlando feels like a tropical climate and summers can be very hot. Similarly, the cold season can be unsurprisingly cold and the same goes for a rainy season.

After moving to Orlando, you have to adapt your clothes according to the weather. You can do the necessary shopping from any supermarket, mall or outlet.

·      Take advantage of fresh seafood

Seafood is a major part of Florida cuisine and wherever you will go, you will be surrounded by a variety of seafood. While your visit to Orlando, you have to make sure about the sustainability of the seafood. In this respect, several restaurants have also started programs to provide you with sustainable seafood.

·      Capitalize of no-tax state

Although, Orlando is a tourist-spot still you can save a lot of your money by avoid paying any state income taxes. This policy is attributed to the hotels, restaurants, etc of all over Florida.

Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

Known as the theme park capital of the world, Orlando can possibly be the most appropriate family-friendly vacation destination. With its giant attractions, gorgeous weather, and gourmet restaurants, this city has truly for everyone.

Some of the above-mentioned major attractions and things to do in Orlando also involve those spots where you don’t’ have to buy a ticket to get into any of the theme parks.

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If you’re fond of traveling and frequently visit Orlando or other areas and you have some suggestions that you think, other people would be interested in. Then, please drop your suggestions in the comment section down below.


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