Things to do in Tel Aviv

Things to do in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is a popular city among the traveling world. It is known as the economic and technological center of Israel. Some of the main things to do in Tel Aviv are enjoying the vibrant nightlife, dining in the outstanding restaurants, and exploring the great history and culture. It has great historical importance too. It was founded in 1909, in the old city of Jaffa which is believed to be the oldest port in the world. Tel Aviv is known for its jubilant nightlife and world-class restaurants.


Fun things to do in Tel Aviv

You can consider the following list of attractions for planning your trip to Tel Aviv.

     1.Tel Aviv Beaches

The coastal position is what defines Tel Aviv. Its beaches are not only a spot of recreational activities for tourists but also for its locals. That’s why one of the fun things to do in Tel Aviv is going to the beaches here. People come here to relax in the sun and get de-stressed or to take amazing photos. Though all the beaches here are worth visiting, Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, and Banana Beach are the most popular stretches of sand here making it one of the free things to do in tel Aviv. Here you get to enjoy the facilities such as sun loungers, freshwater showers, and sunshades for rent.

One more interesting thing about the beach here is Tayelet which is a must-to-go spot if it comes to enjoying Tel Aviv day trips. Tayelet is a paved boardwalk and it runs along the beach between central Tel Aviv and Jaffa. This paved boardwalk is lined with a great number of excellent cafes and restaurants. That is why Tayelet makes it easy to spend a perfect day at the beach.

     2. Jaffa

The ancient Arab port town of Jaffa is another well-known attraction here. Paying a visit to this historical site is one of the fun things to do in Tel Aviv for history explorers. The efficiently restored stone structure here and the preserved acropolis remains are the beauty of Jaffa. If you are looking for things to do in Tel Aviv at night then you will love Jaffa because of the nightlife along with some experience of history exploring. As once, were used to be the bazaar area, there are amazing restaurants and artisan boutiques now. And there is the famous Flea Market too which is the most visited attraction among the visitors. Moreover, St. Peter’s Monastery and the Old Port area too cool to be missed. It won’t be wrong to say that Jaffa is a nice place to spend quality time at.

     3. Yemenite Quarter

In the neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Yemenite Quarter is another one of the most visited Tel Aviv attractions. Stepping in here would almost feel like you have stepped back in time. Because the zigzag alleyways here represent the old-style architecture. The streets here are still as closely packed as they used to be. And at Yemenite Quarter’s back, there is Carmel Market. This colorful market stays packed with visitors looking for some cheap meals.

     4. Dizengoff Circle & Surrounds

Named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor, this place is a hub of various activities. So, head towards this central plaza if you want some delightful fun things to do in Tel Aviv. First, there is the Fire and Water Fountain to give you a little special joy. Then there is Habima Square to explore some culture as it is known as the cultural center of Tel Aviv. Apart from exploring the culture in Habima Square, you can get yourself entertained in Habima Theater here. Adding more to the amusement of artists, there is Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art which holds an art exhibition.

Then, just a little away from Habima Square, there is Joseph Bau House Museum. This museum once used to be the home of one of Israel’s great artists. Now it exhibits his great artworks.

     5. Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Speaking of museums, Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the city’s major museum. Visiting this museum will be some of the great things to do in Tel Aviv. Because there is a fine collection of art from world-class famous artists such as Van Gogh, Henry Moore, Picasso, and Jackson Pollock. Besides the great art collection, the building of the museum is itself unique and elegant in architecture. Exhibitions are held at this place too and thus, the artists and art-admiring people can pay a visit here and relax their soul.

     6. Neve Tzedek Quarter

This place holds its significance in being the city’s oldest neighborhood. It was European-Jewish settlers who first built their houses here in the 1880s. If you seek some extraordinary things to do in Tel Aviv then visiting this place will give you a jazzy experience. The old houses there are still well-preserved. Most of them are home to some good restaurants and cafes now. And then again for exploring art, there is Rockach House which holds a small sculpture gallery in it. Also, there is the Nachum Gutman Art Museum which has a fine collection of the paintings of well-known Israeli painters. Furthermore, for the people who like to explore pieces of architecture, there is HaTachana, the old Ottoman railway station. This railway station has also been restored and now is home to restaurants, designer boutiques, and cafes.

     7. Bialik Street

Tel Aviv tourism is more about traversing art, culture, and history than it is about seeking adventures. Speaking of which, Bialik Street is a fantastic home to history and culture lovers. For it has three historical sites in it to pay a visit: House of artist Reuven Rubin, Bialik House, and Beit Ha’ir. Firstly, there is the House of artist Reuven Rubin. This house of the great artist has been turned into a museum now. This museum showcases the paintings of this artist and the old photographs of Tel Aviv. Then there is Bialik House. It was the home of poet Chaim Nachman Bialik and now has become a museum dedicated to this poet for his great artwork. Next, there is Beit Ha’ir that was originally the town hall. Now this place is a museum too and it displays Tel Aviv’s history.

     8. Eretz Israel Museum

There is so much to know about Tel Aviv that you would never get tired of visiting the museums. You could schedule your whole day trip for visiting the museums. So, one of the main things to do in Tel Aviv is visiting its museums. Every museum holds something new to its history. The Eretz Israel Museum is also known as the Land of Israel Museum. It is a complex of various historical buildings including the Tell Qasile archaeological site. Exploring history will be fun here because it doesn’t merely consist of visiting a bunch of art galleries. You get to enjoy the history of science, writing, ethnography, and folklore here.

     9. Namal: The Old Port Area

Now moving to some fun things to do in Tel Aviv, there is the old port area, known as Namal, providing you and your family with a lot of entertainment. There are cafes to eat delicious food at, and great shopping centers to shop at. It is usually packed with youngsters. But families pay a visit here on weekends. There are also small private art galleries and a superb indoor market.

Coming here at weekends is usually recommended. Because during the weekends there are free live music concerts and many other events which the families or friends love to enjoy.

     10. Beit Hatefutsoth

Another spectacular museum here to visit is Beit Hatefutsoth. Visiting it, too, will be one of the fun things to do in Tel Aviv, as you visit history in a different style here. Meaning that you don’t have to keep staring at the history pieces, rather you get to enjoy a history documentary here. It is also known as the Diaspora Museum and the Museum of the Jewish People. The life, history, and culture of Jewish people are well-exhibited here. There are film recordings and models too that show the Jewish lifestyle throughout the centuries. Adding more to displaying the history uniquely, there is a children section too. In this section, the history is covered through multimedia displays.

Some Not-to-Miss Things in Tel Aviv

Apart from the above top 10 things to do in Tel Aviv, there are some other things that you should not miss.

     1. Netanya

It is the popular seaside resort here, and probably the best-staying option for those who like to spend some quality time alone in nature, as it is away from the hustle and bustle of the main Tel Aviv. This place is good for Tel Aviv sightseeing as well.

This resort sits on the beautiful golden-sand beach. The locals usually come here to sit in the sun and enjoy the water. There are cafes and restaurants downtown too and they remain crowded in the summer evenings. Netanya has good options for accommodations as well. Moreover, there is the Jewish Legion Museum which documents some of the histories of World War 1. In short, Netanya is itself a nice place to stay and enjoy.

     2. Lod

This place is mainly known because of Ben-Gurion International Airport, but it has a great history too. You can say that visiting this place can be one of the immediate things to do in Tel Aviv for you if you land at this airport. There are great historical sites to visit here such as the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, and the El-Chodr Mosque.

     3. Yitzhak Rabin Center

One of the other Tel Aviv places to visit is Yitzhak Rabin Center. It is named after the former prime minister of Israel. It is home to Israel Museum. This place displays the history of the soldier Rabin from his early life to his assassination. They display history through archived films and photographs.

     4. Rothschild Boulevard

One of the good places to enjoy Things to do in Tel Aviv at night is Rothschild Boulevard. It is a central city street. It is usually alive in the late evenings. You would love a stroll here. Moreover, there are two well-preserved architectural buildings to admire as well, are The Independence Hall and Haganah Museum.

Some things to know before traveling to Tel Aviv

What is the best month to visit Tel Aviv?

Knowing the best time to travel to a certain place can give you the advantage of cheap accommodations. March through April and September through November are the best months to visit Tel Aviv. Because in spring and fall, the temperatures are pleasant there and the prices are affordable as well. Though most travelers tend to visit from May to August, i.e. during intense temperatures to enjoy the experience of beaching there.

Is Tel Aviv worth visiting?

Tel Aviv is an excellent sunny destination. Its resorts, beaches, art, culture, cafes, and restaurants all make it worth visiting.

Is it safe to travel to Tel Aviv?

It is quite natural to think that Israel is safe to travel to due to the ongoing conditions of Gaza and east Jerusalem. But you need to know which spots are for tourists and which are not. Gaza and east Jerusalem are not tourist spots so there is no need for visitors to travel there. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Negev, the Dead Sea, and Galilee are the main touristic areas.

Is Tel Aviv expensive?

According to the latest reports, Tel Aviv is now one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go there and have a great tourist experience. You should just choose the dates when there are good deals available for accommodations.

Weather in Tel Aviv

Summers are usually warm, log, and muggy there while winters are cool and mostly clear. The best weathers are of spring and fall there, as there is neither heat nor too cold.

So, among the many things to do in Tel Aviv pick your favorite ones and plan your trip. You will love the amazing natural sights and fun places here. Moreover, don’t tourists forget to enjoy their unusual cuisine and fine dining experiences you and your family will have a great holiday here.

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