Best VPN for travel

Best VPN for travel

It’s no news that we all like to travel with our gadgets keeping connected with the online world. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone it’s a must-have during traveling. On hand one where these gadgets make our life easier, they also welcome new risks for you. From hacked emails, governmental spying, and credit card numbers getting stolen, there are plenty of risks that come through our laptops and smartphones. Think about it. When we plan our tour, we get travel insurance to stay safe. But what about the safety that is entering through the free WIFI you are using and how do you stay safe from these risks? Your ideal solution here is to find yourself the best VPN for travel. Make sure to check out the deals list below for the best VPN for Travel.


What is a VPN

Virtual private network more commonly known as VPN provides anonymity and security to those who are using public network connections. It creates a private network for you so you are safe from all of the cybercrimes and spying. VPN is used with proxy servers and many other networks which ensure a safe pathway for you to enjoy the online world without being worried about the risks.

Free WIFI is available everywhere while you are traveling. From the airport to restaurants to your hotel, you might use your favorite social media apps or connect with your friends and family. At the very time, you are opening your smartphone or laptop to welcome the serious risks which have become a part of our online network.

Even travelers who are using the same network or the authorities might be getting your unencrypted data while you are scrolling through your Instagram. They get information like your browser cookies, personal information, usernames, and passwords for all accounts saved on your gadget, credit card numbers, and much more.

The solution introduced to travelers and everyone around the world is pretty simple. It uses a VPN that eliminates all the online risks and hides your browsing data. It’s untraceable and protects your personal information from getting stolen or hacked.

Is VPN safe

A virtual private network is entirely safe because it encrypts your data which cannot be used by cybercriminals. It’s like a shield to your online activities and browsing history. And it’s considered that one should get the VPN which provides no IP address leak, no logs, kill switch, and multifactor authentication. Moreover, there are professional and top-rated VPN provider companies that directly connect your VPN to the destination server making it impossible for hackers to get any information out of your devices. Make sure you are choosing the best VPN for your needs. If you are looking for Security then NordVPN is the one for you. If you are budget conscious then PureVPN is the one that will still protect you while you are traveling.

The VPN changes your IP address as well when you are using it which ensures that you are safe from malicious connections and spying of cybercriminals.

Why you should use a VPN while traveling

Here are some important reasons why should all travelers have a VPN:

  • Safety and security from cybercrimes:

To protect yourself from the risks of public WIFI, you can use a professional VPN that prevents hackers to access your information. Even governments have issued warnings for the people to stay clear of public WIFI after seeing a tremendous increase in cybercrimes. Well, we have to admit that we are so dependent upon online media and technology that we just can’t stay away from it. So, the best and easy way by which you need to worry is to use a VPN.

  • Get easy access to blocked websites

Do you know that in some countries you cannot use your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms? They are banned and the only way to access them is by using a VPN. You can just select the country and enter the website by which you can easily access it no matter where you are.

  • Watch your favorite TV shows abroad

To cheer us up on rainy days or sleepless nights, TV shows sounds like an ideal option. Binge-watching or streaming seasons, movies, and talk shows is a fun activity that is also a part of our traveling. But you will be upset to find out that you cannot stream some of your shows and channels in some countries while you are traveling. This is where a VPN comes in handy and saves you from boredom. Just get yourself a VPN for traveling and you are all set to have an enjoyable vacation.

  • Prevent your account from getting frozen

Getting your account frozen is the worst nightmare especially when you are in a new place. It can spoil your mood and get you so stressed out and all you can think is to travel thousands of miles just to go back home and sort this mess. Well, the damage is already done when you connect to the public WIFI. Most of us love the features of online banking and how remotely we handle all our transactions with just a few clicks. But what about the account number, credit card number, and the passwords in your smartphone or laptop? Hackers can easily access that while you are just enjoying a cup of coffee in a café. So, use a VPN and save yourself from a tremendous loss while you are having a vacation.

  • Get amazing deals

Well, this is a fun offer for those who love traveling. Many VPN providers have amazing deals on cheaper flights and travel activities for specific countries. You can surely check those out while you are trying to figure out the best VPN for you.

Highest Level of Security –  NordVPN  

Best Budget VPN – PureVPN

VPN for Netflix

While Netflix and Amazon Prime are now everywhere around the world,  you will be amazed to find that some of your shows are banned in some countries. You might be thinking of a getaway to peacefully watch those favorite lists of shows that you weren’t able to see in your hectic routine. But, what now? Simple, you can get a VPN for Netflix and Amazon Prime and enjoy the fun of your perfect getaway.

How to use a VPN:

  • You mustn’t forget to turn on the auto-connected option in the VPN. It automatically becomes a barrier whenever you connect your phone or laptop with a WIFI. Whether it’s a hostel, restrooms, hotels, malls, and airports, it will protect your gadget from any malicious online risks. Especially protects your online banking, email, and personal information.
  • You should also use it in nearby locations. If you are not adding a specific country then choose an endpoint that is close to your location.
  • As a traveler, we are constantly moving from one place to another. Sometimes, you are at places where you won’t have a good connection. You might not even get to connect the VPN and that’s where you have to limit what you are doing online. Consider the risks and only browse what’s important.
  • When you have a bad connection or your WIFI drops out, there might be a chance of your VPN getting disconnect. It doesn’t need to always reconnect automatically so always check before using the internet that whether the VPN is connected or not.
  • In the case of any law enforcement, even VPN providers have to turn over the information of people sometimes to the government.

Can a VPN be hacked

It is quite a demanding question right now as a lot of people still get confused that how a VPN works. The VPN itself saves you from all the malicious cybercrimes and spying but there is a chance of getting it hacked if you bring the malware in your device yourself. For example, there might be some files you have downloaded or you opened up a spam email someone shared. It could be any reason, then and only then is the chance of getting a VPN hacked or traced. So, as a citizen, it is your responsibility as well to keep your safety as a priority and save yourself from cybercrimes.

What are the best and cheapest VPN providers for travelers

There are many top providers which follow all the ethical and professional standards of the industry. But here are the 2 top of the line VPN providers that will make your traveling experience highly safe and stress-free.

  1. NordVPN 
  2. PureVPN

After deciding that you now need a VPN for traveling, it’s time to decide which option is the best for you. Among a top list of providers, these 2 are our top favorite picks which makes everything easier for you. From safety, security, encrypted data to no IP address leak, they should be your ultimate choice. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. NordVPN  – Best for security

     NordVPN is known for its best security features among all the leading VPN providers. With top-grade 256-bit encryption, you can also enjoy the feature of an automatic kill switch. It contains all the top features that most governments use to hide their online presence. The kill switch feature makes it impossible for the hackers to get to you because as soon as there is a disruption in your connection, it disconnects the internet. The no-logging policy of safe browsing and its availability in the top countries of the world make it the ideal choice.

When you are trying to access the internet anywhere around the world, you might face problems with pop-up ads, online scams. But here the CyberSec feature of NordVPN makes it easier for you by blocking all the ads and stop entering you from websites having malware. And of course, such a VPN is a must for those who constantly keep traveling.

Do you know that NordVPN operates around 5480 servers worldwide and present in more than 60 countries? You will easily find their servers nearby which also ensures you get the fastest speed for browsing online. But having a VPN not only means that it’s perfect for traveling. Just think about catching all your missing shows while it’s connected to the server at your home. Moreover, it unlocks more than 140 streaming services, comes with unlimited bandwidth and data, and automatically adjusts settings.

The best part is that it allows up to 6 connections at the same time so when you are traveling with your friends and family, you can connect VPN with their devices as well.

  1. PureVPN – Best on a budget

If you are on a budget and looking out for the best and economical VPN providers then PureVPN is the best option for you. It is one of the older VPN that was founded in 2006. Their headquarter is in Hong Kong and that’s why they are not subjected to international surveillance alliances. It is considered to be the best pro about this provider as they cannot be forced to turn over any user’s data. And that kind of tells us everything we want to know about the trust factor of this company.

PureVPN has a global presence with more than 6500 servers in over 140 countries, making it the best choice for travelers who are on a budget. They have the best internet speed, no data logging policy, kill switch, split tunneling, and perfect for binge-watching on Netflix.

This VPN provider creates a virtual private network when it is created with your device. Well, it’s your own choice to connect the VPN when you are even using a home connection or cellular network as the recommendation is to only use it when it comes to public WIFI or using someone else hotspot. As it creates a middle man which can increase the risk for you. So, using PureVPN you are safe from all the spying tricks and cybercrimes that can turn out to be dangerous for you.


The wrap-up is that during your traveling it’s a must to have a VPN connection that secures you from the cybercrimes that have been increased all around the world. And not only just for your safety but to use all your social media apps and binge-watch wherever you are. With NordVPN and PureVPN, your online presence will be hidden and you can enjoy your vacation with no trouble at all. So, get your connection today and complete the responsibility of controlling cybercrimes in the world.

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