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Things to do in Peru

     Peru is a land of rich culture, traditions, unending adventure, and some of the most stunning scenic views. It gathers tourists from all around the world throughout the year. The varied diversity of the landscapes, experiences and welcoming people makes this one of the most exquisite travel destinations. Here is a  list of some of the fun and interesting things to do in Peru.


1) Visit the Amazing Machu Picchu

     Machu Picchu is one of the most famous travel destinations in Peru. It is sure an adventure to travel and hike along with the ruins of the Inca Trail and finds a way through the lost city. Machu Picchu is packed with adventure seekers however to maintain the safety and sanity of the place the government has limited the number of travelers that can climb the trail. So, get your bookings fast.


2) Experience the wonders of Amazon

     Amazon is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers and Peru can be the best place to explore the jaw-dropping Amazon rain forests. The Peruvian part of Amazon is the most unique, diverse, and amazing site giving you a complete view of the scenic beauty of nature at its simple best. The National Park within the area is filled with varied species of birds and animals.


3) Visit the Irresistible Lima

     If you are looking for a place to calm your senses, amazing coastline, beautiful mountains, and evergreen jungles then Lima, is the place for you. Lunahuana is a place where you can enjoy the rich vineyards and seek adventure on white water rafting. You can also enjoy a tour of the historic UNESCO-listed colonial establishments which are located in Lima Peru.

4) Enjoy Delicious Meal to your Hearts Content

A city of flavors and is filled with eating places that serve the most delectable and mouth-watering cuisines. You can savor some of the quirky food options like a roasted guinea pig. The food is a beautiful blend of African, European, and East Asian cuisines giving it the most unique taste. You can enjoy some authentic dishes like Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, creamy Aji De Gallina, Cheesy Papas A La Huancaina to name a few.


From enjoying the ruins of Machu Picchu and hiking along the Inca Trail to gorging in some of the most delicious and delectable food. Peru has something to offer everyone and the warm and friendly people welcome. Happy Travels!

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