Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights


Long-haul flights will not bother you anymore and will no longer be inconvenient. Packing for your travel adventure is never easy, and there is a lot of things to think of. Being on a plane for anything over 3 hours can be draining, and that is why I will help you with a list of must-have items for your adventure. With these accessories for travellers you will bring comfort while still experiencing your journey. Whether you’re traveling across Europe or the Americas, buying these travel accessories is inevitable if you really want to enjoy the trip. So before it is too late, make sure to take the steps and have these items in your carry-on luggage. This article covers some of the useful Travel accessories for long flights. 

25 Best Air Travel Accessories

Moleskine Classic Notebook

     Ivory-colored pages are waiting to be filled with your travel-inspired ideas and adventures. This legendry collection is available in different colors and for privacy, it features an elastic closure. Its classic design has a bookmark ribbon so that you could keep track of your ideas. Furthermore, it is sleek enough to be fit inside any of your pockets.

Moleskine classic notebooks are the perfect notebooks for writing journals, a daily diary, or note taking in college classes or meetings. Moleskine notebooks are beloved by travelers & bullet journalists for their slim design. The Moleskine Classic notebooks have pages just waiting to be filled with your notes and ideas.

This reliable travel companion is perfect for writings thoughts  and adventures it has a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners acid free paper a bookmark an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket.

     Always keep yourself hydrated during the long-flights and a collapsible water bottle can help you with that. ONTA collapsible water bottle is among the best air travel accessories and there are many reasons behind this.

     The bottle is a hundred percent safe and healthy to use since it is made up of 100% food grade. It has a leak-proof guarantee and thanks to its secure seal that further prevent the water from spilling. Sturdy design and shatter resistance makes it perfect for long-flights and traveling.

It is a good choice that portable to use for traveling, camping, hiking or even hang out with friends.

  • Capacity: 550 ml
  • Light Weight: 166 g
  • Durable Temperature: -50°C ~ 120°C
  • Size: (spread)2.7×2.1×9 inch (fold)2.7×2.1×3.75 inch


This travel shelf adds 33% more space to your window seat. spAIRTray Travel Shelf is a game-changer for those who want to bring a positive change into their traveling experience.

The revolutionary new solution for more convenient, sanitary usable space for airline travelers! More space for drinks and snacks. Allows for the full use of seat-back tray for reading or laptop. Convenient cloth spAIRtray travel bag slips easily into briefcase, laptop case, backpack or carry-on luggage.

This travel shelf can be installed within a few moments and carrying it inside your bag won’t be an issue. You just need to insert it in shaded track and your book  or mobile phones will be at your arm-length.

Tray space 12 x 4 x .25



Traveling in an airplane can be annoying sometimes, due to the unwanted noises, being created by fellow passengers. But you don’t have to bear all this, when you can completely immerse yourself in a different world, just by putting the headphones on.

Sony WHCH710N  headphones have higher noise cancellation ability so that you can enjoy the smoothest journey without any noise. These headphones are made to be used for many hours, therefore, it has minimal weight and features cushioned ear cups. Not only the optimal sound cancellation ability, but it also delivers terrific sound performance with ample bass sound.

Long-lasting listening with up to 35 hours of battery and quick charging. Smartphone compatibility for hands-free calls and use with your voice assistant



Here’s another nice addition that can elevate the degree of comfort of your traveling. Armrest keeps your arm in a relaxed position resulting in minimal pressure on your shoulders and neck. Airplane armrest etiquette is always the best so Soarigami has made it as possible as it can be and specifically designed for plane seats.

No more need to fight with a fellow passenger, install this divider in just a few seconds and have more space over the existing armrest. It has a stylish and streamlines design with just 8 ounces of weight and easily foldability.

Soarigami folds flat to fit into any carry-on. Soarigami folds flat to fit into any carry-on.



If you’re taking a long-haul flight, then always consider a comfortable neck pillow in your travel essentials. Once you get to the new location after a long flight, this neck pillow will keep your body comfortable and energetic for the next journey ahead.

MLVOC travel pillow will prevent your head from slipping or any painful occurrence that will prevent you from getting decent sleep. This washable neck pillow is made up of certified foam and is chemical-free. You can fold and place the pillow inside the carrying-bag conveniently.

The product size is 11×9. 2×5. 9 inches, the weight of the package is 0. 6 lbs.



A good eye mask is among the best air travel accessories, specifically for long-flights. The market is flooded with plenty of options, but you need a lightweight, and comfortable eye mask at an affordable price, right? Well, Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is a perfect pick for you.

It is quite different from traditional eye masks, as it is specifically designed for ensuring the highest degree of comfort and with minimal stress on your ears.


     The mission of your favorite game is about to finish and your phone battery died. Similarly, you’ve about to cover a 4-hour long flight  and you want to enjoy watching an action movie to pass the time, but your laptop turned off.  To keep you connected with your electronics and make your journey pleasant, we recommend this power banks, Anker portable charger.

This lipstick-shaped aluminum design (3.7 × 0.9 × 0.9in, 3oz). Recharges in 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter. PowerCore mini, is a portable charger that packs enough juice to charge a smartphone from empty to 80%. This product is one of Amazon’s best-selling portable chargers of all time.



     Exposure to UVA radiation increases at high altitudes and the risk increases even more if you’re in a window seat. Applying Thinksport’s face sunscreen will protect your skin and help you to look energetic and fresh.

It is absolutely free from any biologically harmful chemicals and contains only highly effective yet harmless ingredients. This sunscreen is perfect for everyday use and can easily blend with any skin tone.

This is a SPF 30, water resistance (80 minutes), broad-spectrum coverage as with natural tint.




All-In-One Adapter with USB

Conair’s is famous for producing good-quality travel essentials and an All-in-One adapter is another important thing you can’t afford to miss. No matter where you’re traveling, its three outlets and a USB tech will keep all of your tech charged.

It is compatible with all double-layer devices such as mobiles, tablets, cameras, and laptops. Works in more than 150 countries across the world.

This international adapter lets you plug in 4 devices at once including (1 a) USB port; It accepts grounded/nongrounded, polarized/nonpolarized plugs



Traveling to another country can be complicated since you’ve to keep different currencies, cards, important documents tickets safe. A normal wallet cannot work in such a situation, therefore, you need a multi-purpose wallet such as a Zoppen wallet.

This slim and lightweight wallet has a faux leather lining and trifold closure for ultimate protection of your extremely important documents. Texture-wise it has a soft and comfortable feeling, and availability in many different colors is another plus point.


     If you think rain can possibly ruin your vacations, then you should invest in a precipitation repellant device that keeps you and your clothes safe. Columbia watertight jacket is what you need to have in your luggage. It is manufactured with a durable waterproof nylon shell that can endure from drizzling to heavy rains.

Two zippered side pockets, elastic hem are some of the plus points that makes it even more useful. This lightweight jacket has a minimal packed size so you can take it anywhere without any hassle.

Omni-Shield helps you stay clean and dry by resisting the absorption of liquids. Unlike most fabrics that absorb moisture, Omni-Shield repels moisture and dries quickly—avoiding stains and keeping you clean.



     Sitting in the same posture during the long-flights can cause some serious inconvenience for your legs. The situation can get even worse if somebody is already facing pain in the legs. To give you a sigh of relief and to make your traveling comfortable, we’ve found a really helpful travel gadget, an airplane footrest.

Airplane Foot Hammock is pretty straightforward to use and its extra-long straps also give you ease of usage. Adjustable strap ensures that its size can accommodate traveller of any age, whether you’re 4ft or 7ft, size won’t be an issue.

     Enjoying entertainment becomes your necessity when you have to kill your time during long and tardy airplane flights. If you’re a regular traveler, then you may agree that mostly, there are very limited in-flight entertainment sources. Taking the iPad along with you is a perfect decision, but it also requires a holder.

Having a smooth, easy-to-use iPad holder such as Lamicall Tablet Stand, can work for you. It has a sturdy construction and rubber pads keep it protected from sliding and scratches. Whether you want to play games, watch movies, or read articles, you have the perfect solution here.

     Due to the current pandemic situation, wearing a face mask has become a necessity, especially if you’re traveling to another place. But wearing a face mask all day can make you feel exhausted, therefore you need to buy disposable face masks that are pretty easy to wear during the long hours of flight.

This face mask has universal fitted elastic so that it can be used for a variety of uses. 3-layered fabric provides strong and powerful protection.

     Whether you’re traveling for work or with your family, the iPad is a perfect travel companion. It has lightweight and can run longer compared to the laptop so your non-stop entertainment is guaranteed.

Its screen is big enough to give you a thrilling movie-watching experience during the long-hours of your flight. Taking your laptop for a long journey is not a good choice due to its comparatively large size and it requires a separate bag for portability.

     It is quite normal to feel your legs tired after sitting on a seat for many hours, but you can possibly avoid this pain. All you need is to take pairs of compression socks within your luggage.

zCompression not only keeps your feet warm but also significantly increases blood circulation. Buying a pair of compression socks won’t make you regret it after a long journey.

     EverSnug travel blanket gives you a luxurious and comfortable feel even in economy class. The whole set weighs just 1.3 lbs. and has the minimal folded size for easy portability. If you choose you can just leave it in the pillowcase bag and use it as a pillow, it comes with a luggage belt and backpack clip.

The premium quality micro plush blend makes it ultra-soft and gives you the dream sleep. It is also a perfect gift for the ones who are a regular traveler. Enjoy the feeling and comfort of your home while flying.

Microfiber Towel

     A microfiber towel which is an important traveling essential, is, unfortunately, most of the time not available while traveling or during the stay at the hotel. While a simple microfiber towel, available at a really cheap price can do this job for you.

It doesn’t occupy much volume and can be dry within a few minutes. This microfiber towel offers great versatility as it can also be used as a double blanket.

     Carrying a duffel bag instead of luggage is easier and more comfortable while traveling to any destination. It is a popular form of backpacks that offers great storage space and ease of mobility.

Amazon basics travel duffel is a multi-purpose is an affordable choice, that is available in three different colors to suits your taste. For quick access to your keys or other minor stuff, its design has zippered pockets at the exterior.

     PowerCore 26800 belongs to the flagship series of portable chargers and designed with advanced technology to provide you with an endless charging experience. It is a compact and potent device with 26800mAh of power charges and can be used to charge your devices multiple devices.

It features 3 USB ports and voltage boost technology makes it one of the high-speed charging. You can charge triple devices simultaneously.


Sleeping Aid


     It is extremely useful to keep your belongings safe, particularly if you’re planning to go for a trip in a less-safe place. Even, if you’re going to a place with a good reputation, pickpocketing and bag-snatching are some of the common and major concerns of every big city.

Having a money-belt will keep all of your money and important documents invisible and keep it safe. This money belt will be your long-term companion, as it is made up of top-grade quality.

     If you’re fond of reading and want to pass the time while reading the book, then Kindle is a great option to buy. It is similar to carry many books without acquiring much space.

25 Best Air Travel Accessories – Conclusion

We’ve carefully handpicked all of the above air travel accessories that you need for an enjoyable trip. Important to mention that, you do not need to buy all of the above best air travel accessories for every travel journey. Some accessories may suit your needs while others might be useless for you. For additional Accessories check out our post about the Best travel backpacks

Let us know your queries or experiences with these accessories in the comment section. For other videos or information about Travel adventures  or looking for inspiration check out our blog Travel adventure vacation

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