Road To Hana

The Road to Hana 


Hana is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. Hana is located in the eastern end of the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii. It is among the most isolated communities in the state. This land of beauty can be reached by an 84km long Hana Highway (Road to Hana), a very beautiful highway densely covered with eye-popping views. This Road attracts tourists from all around the world to came and enjoy the beautiful journey. Some of the wonderful things to do in Hana are mentioned below.

How long is the road to Hana?

Hana Highway is among the most beautiful scenic highway that you will come across. When it comes to driving on the highway you can see beautiful waterfalls, lush valleys, amazing beaches, and gardens. You can feel heaven while traveling the road to Hana.

The question arises of how long the road to Hana; Hana highway is about 64.40 miles or 103.64 km in length. You can reach your destination while enjoying the eye-popping views from this beautiful highway. It will take somewhat 3 to 4 hours.

Places to stay in Hana:

Hana highway not only provides you memorable sightseeing experience. It also enables you to take a stay and feel the moment with nature very closely. Hana Highway is surrounded by many popular and beautiful hotels where you can take a rest and fresh your mind and spent some time far from this busy life close to nature.

Hotels surround Hana Highway after very little distance, which helps you to get the best places to stay from the nearest point on the highway. You can get hotels ranging from average rent to low and high charges. Hana highway enables you to enjoy every moment with the beauty of nature.

Road to Hana Stops:

The Road to Hana is among one of the best things to do in Hawaii. This spatulas road trip along the island’s northern shore to the less-visited eastern side takes place on a somehow narrow winding road. It passes through the lush rainforest. Hana road serves you many stops. In those stops, you can take rest by seeing the beauty around in a very peaceful manner.

Along with the road to Hana stops, that will help you watch some of the stunning beauty around. Such as gardens, black, red, golden beaches, bamboo forest, waterfall, and snake stand. Local stands are serving delicious homemade banana bread. Some of these stops along the way will amaze you and make your vacation a lifelong memory.

  • Road to Hana Tour:

In Hawaii traveling through the road to Hana is one of the best activities to do. Road to Hana tours and attraction attracts tons of tourists worldwide to witness the beauty of this eye-splashing Hana highway. Hana highway has many viewpoints that will amaze you and let you enter into a whole new world of dreams. These tours are by bus and help you if you would just like to sit back and relax on the 4-hour drive.

There are numerous tourist destinations along the highway that will blow your mind. Some of them are bamboo forests, waterfall, and black, red, and golden beaches that seem very beautiful and attract tourists worldwide. Road to Hana will take almost one whole day to complete. If you keep patience and explores all the eye-catching locations that Hana highway has to offer you will see why people come from all over the world just to travel along this road.

  • Twin Falls Maui:

There are many places to explore when you go to travel the road to Hana. Twin Falls Maui is among the most beautiful place you can visit while going on the road to Hana. This beautiful waterfall enables you to enjoy the real beauty of nature which its eyes are splashing views that will enter you into the little haven in this globe. Twi falls you to enjoy a short hiking trip of a distance of somehow 1-mile, which makes it the best place to visit with your family.

  •  Ho’okipa Beach:

One of the most beautiful beaches located in Hawaii and there is a lot of beautiful beaches. The beautiful beach is located on the north shore of Maui along the Hana Highway. It is wells recognize due to its spectacularly large surf that attracts tourists worldwide to come and witness its beauty. Tourists mainly prefer the winter season to visit the beautiful beach due to some of the beach area’s major events.

This beach gets waves as high as 25-30 feet, making it very adventurous to watch from close views as there are very few beaches that produce such a high wave. The beach’s beauty can be best explored during the winter season due to its major international festival held here, such as red bull king of international kite surfing.

  • Haleakala National Park:

Haleakala national park is a very beautiful park, mainly famous due to its views and its origin. This beautiful park is located on one of the world’s largest dormant volcanoes. It enables you to a height of somewhat 10,023 feet above sea level. This all makes it a very popular attraction for the visitors who have come to visit Hana’s road.

The preferable time to visit this dormant volcano to get its best view is sunrise or sunset. While reaching the top, you can enjoy the rising sun with the cold breeze blowing and with peace of mind which you can’t get in the city. You have to go a little earlier to grab your favorable location if you want to enjoy the sunrise with eye-splashing beauty.

  • Keanae Peninsula:

Keanae Peninsula is among the most beautiful attraction you can reach while going to the road to Hana. This eye-splashing beautiful peninsula is located 16 miles away from the main market area. You can reach this nature’s haven by road to Hana. You can get to see the views of old Hawaii as soon as you reach this beautiful location.

This beautiful peninsula has kept lots of history inside. It enables you to enjoy its glorious coastline that will blow your mind. This peninsula gives you a chance to forget all the tensions and relax while watching the outstanding views while stretching your legs and enjoy the pleasant Hawaiian weather. These wills freshen your mind and give you the energy to explore and enjoy your rest of the trip. Don’t forget to get the best Banana Bread at Aunty Sandy’s.

  • Hanawi Falls

Hanawi falls are called one of the best tourist attractions in Hawaii. You can reach Hanawi falls from the road to Hana. This is among the most beautiful place to come and spent some time which is among the best thing to do in Hana. This is really great if you are nature lovers or people who really like to experience the beauty of the outdoors.

Hanawi falls heights is 200 feet and falls into a freshwater pool where you can wade your leg and relax by seeing the surrounded natural beauty.  You can also watch this beauty from the Hanawi Falls bridge that will provide you the best distant views, and you can wells see the surroundings and feel the peace.

  • Hana Town:

While traveling the road to Hana, you should not forget to reach the Hana town once. This is among the best small town in Hawaii, which enables you to witness the beauty of Hawaii. You can stay here, this town has a very family-friendly feel which proves to be very helpful for the tourist or visitors.

You can get to see many things in this small town that will amaze you. There are many wonderful locations where the beauty of nature is above expectation. You can get to see beautiful beaches, organic farms, and many more. This town in itself is rural and quite sleepy, and the beauty of this town recognizes the ‘Heavenly Hana’ by the tourist visits here.

Why should I visit Hana?

The road to Hana is among the best place to visit on the Hawaiian island. It allows tourists to see the beautiful and eye-splashing locations that can make one vacation memorable. Some things to do in Hana are visiting bamboo forest, red, black, and golden beach; twin falls, hookipa beach, and many more. Hana is also called the road where one travels without the destination’s expectation because of its natural locations that will give you unforgettable memories.

So, enjoy the trip and make some beautiful memories. There is a lot to do at the place, one can explore the local culture and have conversations with people.

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