things to do in aruba

Things to do in Aruba

Aruba may seem like a pretty small island but there are so many fun things to do in Aruba for every traveler out there. Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island that has more than a million visitors every year. The people do not just travel miles only to see the beauty of this place but also to experience this romantic vacation spot. With beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and spas, colorful Caribbean culture, and outdoor adventures, Aruba is the travel dream for everyone.

Aruba has been famous for many years and even today it is a part of the travel trends that have been going on. It is probably because Aruba is most known for its picturesque beauty, blue waters, and white sandy beaches that make it so demanding. Being the most beautiful destination, for of  North of Venezuela, Aruba island adventures are fun and a perfect treat for your vacation.

Things to do in Aruba:

Everyone wonders about the perfect weather of Aruba, its romantic destinations, and beaches. But there is so much to do here and explore the natural hidden gems. You have to try Aruban cuisine, their wines, cocktails, and especially the seafood. Moreover, their music and dance festivals are a cherry on top for those who are looking for a special retreat.

So, here are the top fun things in Aruba that will make your vacation absolutely worthwhile.

  1. Explore the beaches of Aruba:

Well, let’s start with the most famous thing about this island that we cannot stop talking about. The beaches are part of the free things to do in Aruba to enjoy and explore nature without spending your money. Refresh your mind and soul with the scenic views of Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Druif Beach, and Black stone beach.

  1. Oranjestad:

The colorful cruise port of Oranjestad, Aruba should be on the top of your travel list. Visiting and exploring this place is surely one of the fun things to do in Aruba. With pastel-hued architect and tiny streets, you will find here a lot to explore. Like the galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, cafes, and much more.

  1. Boca Prins:

Boca Pins is an extensive coastline near the Fontein cave and Blue Lagoon with big dunes. These dunes are the result of heavy waves and trade wins on which is one of the unique things to do in Aruba, make sure to have your camera ready to take pictures and slides.

  1. Aruba dive sites:

Well, with so many beaches to explore here you have the opportunity to experience the best dive sites in the world. Diving in Aruba is considered to be the best thing to do with kids. Some instructors handle kids and people of all ages so there is no need to worry at all. Some of the best dive sites are Antilia, Jane sea, Pedernales, Plonco Reef, and Mas Bango Reef, etc.

  1. Arikok National park:

Outdoor lovers cannot find a better place than Arikok national park in Aruba. This place covers almost 20% of the entire island and has the best landscapes, dunes, caves, and much more to explore. It has a jungle-like structure where you can see odd rock formations with Indian paintings on them. There are also some small hiking trails here which you should definitely try if you are an adventure lover. This could be the perfect spot for your picnic and to spend valuable time with your family and loved ones.

  1. Natural pool:

Looking for the best free things to do in Aruba? Well, you are on an island and here you have plenty of things that you can do free of cost. Like enjoying this natural pool which is the formation of waves crashing through rocks. You can swim and snorkel here by all means but you might need a help from local who can help you reach this place.

  1. Visit the butterfly farm:

Next in our list of Aruba tourist attractions is the butterfly farm for kids and especially photographers. Want to take some priceless clicks on your tour to Aruba? Then this farm is the perfect opportunity. Located near Palm Beach, it is a small world for butterflies of different species. Looking at them only makes you feel magical and it feels like a fairy tale.

  1. Explore the caves of Aruba:

You will plenty of caves near the edge of Arikok National park. These are ancient caves and you will find many of them around the island. Each cave has a different and natural formation with its unique feature that you should see on your trip to Aruba.

  1. Celebrate carnivals:

Well, you are so lucky if carnivals are happening in Aruba during your trip. Apart from the Aruba sightseeing, it’s time to become one with the Arubans. The locals here like to enjoy singing and dancing with colorful dresses based on their carnival. You can learn about their culture and the people here will surely make a soft corner in your heart.

  1. Taste the Aruban flavors:

With enjoying the Aruba tourist attractions, one cannot ignore the Aruban cuisine. Just like this place, it’s a true class apart and will tempt your tastebuds with their original taste. Some of the favorite items by locals are Caribbean rock lobster, Red snapper, and Mahi Mahi.

Aruba nightlife:

Providing the perfect urban atmosphere, Aruba is like a dream come true for those who enjoy the nightlife. From casinos to expensive lounges, parties, festivals, shows, and live performances, Aruba will never disappoint you with its nightlife. When you are traveling with your friends, groups, or solo, you look for some unique experiences. A lot of travelers like to walk around the coast and here at Aruba, you will see dedicated places for beach parties. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and have fun.

Share your life stories, sing songs around the bonfire, dance with your partner, and live the moment until the sun rises again. There are wine rooms, bars, restaurants, and cafes open at night to keep you satisfied and meet your expectations. Experiencing this fun, joyful and adventurous nightlife of Aruba will make you fall in love with this place.

Best time to visit Aruba:

Aruba features excellent weather for travelers year-round but the most popular time when travel is at its peak in January through March. It is also called the high season when the people here enjoy the perfect weather and the carnivals.

But here are the three distinctive cuts down of the best time to visit Aruba so you can pick the time you like the most.

  • January to March

As the high season, this is the time you will see a whole lot of crowd than the other months. Travelers who want to escape the harsh winter conditions in their homes flew away to Aruba to enjoy the perfect weather. But at this part of the year, the prices of flights, travel, accommodations, and food are way higher so get ready for that.

  • April to August

In April to August is the summer with the highest peak when you will find the costs of Aruba travel to be much cheaper. There is not much crowd and you can easily access everything without getting in lines and waiting for your turn. You can explore Aruba as much as you want affordably and independently.

  • September to December

This is the time of the year when travelers can expect a rainy season. Some of the days it’s just a few showers and sometimes no rain at all. The weather is unpredictable but still, you are just outside of the high-peak season. You can come and enjoy everything on a lesser budget without the waves of heat. At this time, cruises are very famous and you can also experience the cultural carnivals and many Aruba tourist attractions.

What is the best way to get to Aruba?

So, now you have finally chosen to be at this beautiful Happy island but have you thought about your way to travel? Well, most of the travelers arrive through flights but we want to ensure that the travelers know that this is not just the only medium for reaching Aruba. Here is how you can travel.

  • Flights to Aruba:

Aruba experiences over 100 flights each week which directly comes from 14 different American destinations. A lot of flights offer one-stop connections to Aruba from U.S. and Canada. Aruba is just two hours away from Miami and New York which makes it the best way for travelers to reach this place.

  • By cruises:

A lot of cruises from around the world can join this happy island from the Oranjestad. It is like a port for ships and cruises. Of course, it takes longer for travelers to reach this place by cruise than a flight but thinks about the wonderful experience and journey you will enjoy.

So, it’s totally up to you that which option you choose. But more than 80% of people come by flights to Aruba which surely makes it the most convenient option.

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