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Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an avid traveler, or a nature lover, a travel backpack is your primary need.

The best travel backpack will not only fit all your essential items but will also make carrying them a breeze.

A travel backpack must check all the right boxes for you. It should offer adequate space, sturdiness, comfort, lightweight, and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You may also want some extra features based on the nature of your travels. These may include extra security features, a water pocket, a hip belt, and more.

The good thing is, there are a lot of travel backpacks out there. The bad thing is, it can get a little overwhelming when you must select from so many options.

Don’t worry though. We have reviewed a variety of best travel backpacks. After you are finished with this article, you’ll be able to land on the right backpack for yourself.

Let’s get started.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint 40 isn’t just a backpack; you can use it as a messenger bag or a duffel bag as well. And, if you are planning on spending a full weekend outdoors, it has you covered with spacious compartments.

Moreover, the inner storage of the Osprey Farpoint 40 provides you with sleeves for a laptop as well as a tablet. This makes it perfect for those who love to keep their gadgets with them.

Plus, the shoulder strap allows a comfortable fit and the hip belt distributes most of the load to the hips, taking the stress off your shoulders and chest.

The travel backpack also has a mesh pocket and a stash pocket, allowing you to keep a water bottle and other small items within quick reach.

In addition, the internal compression straps of the Osprey Farpoint 40 allow you to store more in less space.

However, the only caveat is that it’s not ideal for full-week travel. For the cheapest price check it out on Amazon.


  • The straps and handles are padded for added comfort
  • The hip belt distributes the load, easing your shoulders
  • Laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Inner compression straps
  • Mesh and stash pockets


  • Not ideal for a full week

Tortuga setout travel backpack

This one is a carry-on travel backpack, so you will be able to travel with it on any plane. Moreover, the padded straps on this Tortuga backpack let you carry it with comfort. For this reason, it is the best travel backpack for men.

If you are looking for a backpack for longer travels, say 10 days, this Tortuga backpack will serve that purpose well.

Plus, the travel backpack opens like a suitcase, allowing you to organize or pack your stuff easily.

You won’t have to worry about shoulder ache either. The hip belt transfers the weight of your stuff onto your hips, reducing the stress from your shoulders.

Not only does the backpack offer enough space for your accessories, but it’s also made up of durable, weather-resistant material, ensuring the longevity of use.

However, overloading the Tortuga backpack can distort its shape as it isn’t equipped with an internal frame. For the best deals check it out on amazon


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Quite spacious (Suitable for longer trips)
  • Laptop compartments
  • Lockable zippers ensure safety
  • Carry-on size


  • No internal frame

Thule Subterra Backpack

If you are in search of a durable and long-lasting travel backpack, this one will interest you. Thanks to its durability, you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

Moreover, the backpack has a streamlined profile when it’s empty. It offers generous space and is quite comfortable to wear as well.

In addition, you can easily fit a laptop in it. And, you can easily access the items from the side, without having to dig into the bag. This is one of the reasons this bag is among the best travel backpack for Europe.

The nice, sleek design of the backpack and the fact that you can carry a laptop in it makes it suitable for professional use/business trips as well.

However, when using it as a day pack, you’ll be mostly using the front compartment, which can become messy easily. Plus, the travel backpack doesn’t stand upright on its own. For the best deals check it out on Amazon.


  • Packing cubes make organization easy
  • Safe laptop sleeve
  • Nice and sleek design
  • Fairly spacious
  • Allows quick access from a side


  • Doesn’t stand upright on its own

The North Face Recon Laptop Backpack

Whether you are looking for the best travel backpack for men or the best travel backpack for women, this one is for you.

The unisex backpack is manufactured with top-notch, durable material, making it a long-lasting investment. For this reason, the north face recon laptop backpack is one of the best travel backpack for women.

Moreover, you can carry your laptop with peace of mind because of the padded compartment inside. It’s spacious, allowing you to keep other essential stuff like clothes and accessories.

And, for your ultimate back comfort, the travel backpack is equipped with padded back support. The hip belt transfers the weight of the stuff onto your hip, freeing your shoulders.

Not only that, you won’t have to invest a fortune on this one either. The space, comfort, and ease of use make it quite cost-effective at this price point.

However, it doesn’t hold a laptop more than 15”, and that too, would not be a perfect fit. For the lowest price check out Amazon.


  • Lots of pockets
  • Doesn’t bulge out when full
  • Durable material
  • Comfort
  • Safe for laptops
  • Ideal for men and women (unisex)


  • Not suitable for bigger than 15” laptops

eBags Pro Slim Weekender

If your traveling trips don’t exceed 3 days and you are looking for the best travel backpack for men that’s easy to carry around, this one is for you.

The convertible design of this travel backpack from eBags lets you use it as a crossbody bag or a briefcase bag as well.

Plus, there are separate compartments for a laptop, tablet, and clothes. So, you can keep your clothes and gadgets separately.

There is a side pocket for water bottles and a lot of other small pockets where you can store other stuff.

What’s more, it looks great. The simple design and black color make it low-profile and suitable for minimalists.

However, the laptop sleeve maybe a little thin, which shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. For the best deals make you look at Amazon.


  • Convertible design (backpack, suitcase bag, crossbody bag)
  • Sleek design
  • Several internal and external pockets
  • Ideal for a weekend getaway
  • trouble-free TSA scanning at the airport


  • Not suitable for more than 3-day tips
  • Slim laptop sleeve

Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack 40L

Contrary to what you would see in the pictures; this travel backpack actually offers generous space. And, considering the low price point, it may be the best travel backpack carry-on out there.

It’s ideal for you if you are into weekend getaways and short business trips. Longer trips are also possible, but you’ll have to cut back on your stuff.

Not only that, the compression straps allow you to keep more stuff with you without increasing the volume of the bag.

Plus, the hip straps keep the weight distributed, delivering a more comfortable carrying experience.

It’s a flight-approved travel backpack, allowing you to travel by air with peace of mind and making it the best travel backpack carry-on. And if you don’t like the black color, it’s available in many others.

However, you can’t hide the straps that are not in use. For more information check it out on Amazon.


  • Perfect for digital nomads
  • Effective packing cubes
  • Bang for the buck
  • Compression buckle straps
  • Flight-ready (carry-on)


  • You can’t hide the straps



Osprey Aura AG 50 Women’s Backpack

The primary thing that makes it arguably the best travel backpack for women is its anti-gravity suspension. With this technology, you’ll feel lesser weight than you are actually carrying.

The hip belt takes the weight off your shoulders and transfers it to the hips, allowing you to carry it around with ease.

This weight distribution, shoulder padding, and adjustable harness make this backpack a perfect fit for women who are hiking enthusiasts. With lesser stress on your back, you’ll be able to perform better and enjoy yourself more.

There is a ton of space in it. You can also keep important stuff at arm’s length in the zippered hip-belt pocket. Moreover, the compression straps on the backpack help maintain a compact profile.

However, there are no side openings on this travel backpack. And, the price is a little on the higher side. Check it out on Amazon.


  • Best backpack in terms of weight handling
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of space
  • Ideal for hiking
  • Compression straps allow more stuff


  • No side openings
  • A little expensive

Final Thoughts

Although the best backpack for you is the one that satisfies your requirements, there are a few features that you must keep in mind before buying one.

Ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a backpack for a weekend getaway or longer trips? What’s your budget? Do you intend to travel by air? (Carry-on bags are suitable for that).

Other things to consider are sturdiness, color, outlook, compartments (especially for laptop/tablet), water pocket, comfort, compression straps, and hip belt. Consider other requirements that you wouldn’t want to miss in a backpack. For articles on Travel Accessories check out Best Travel Accessories for long flights. For other videos or information about Travel adventures  or looking for inspiration check out our blog Travel adventure vacation

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