Best time to visit Thailand

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is coveted highly among popular tourist destinations and is the go too for many adventure junkies. World-renowned for its sandy beaches, pristine turquoise blue water, and adventurous water sports. Adventures excursion can only be enjoyed when you are aware of the best time to visit Thailand. Thailand experiences three seasons: summer, winter, and rainy.  Here we have information for you to help out in sorting your trip and guiding you to the best time to visit Thailand.


The Winter Season (November to February)

This is the best season to visit Thailand. The temperature is pleasant and the wind is cool and dry, with clear sunny skies. This season is the busiest with tourists and must have prior bookings for hotels, or even for sight-seeing adventures. As in this peak season, the price also reaches high at an extravagant rate and last time rushing can take a serious toll on your time and money. There are many events that you can witness while visiting Thailand during winters. One event is Loy Krathong, where people light up floating lanterns and show gratitude towards the water deities. You can experience this beautiful festival in November in Chiang Mai. There are a lot of festivals in February like the Thai national holiday of Makha Bucha. Tourists can also enjoy several music festivals being organized on the beaches of Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui.

The Rainy Season (July to October)

If you are looking to travel Thailand on a budget and just want to explore the nightlife and the cities of Thailand, then you should visit Thailand in the rainy season as beaches are most of the time closed due to heavy rainfall. You can visit the monuments, national parks like Khao Yai and Kanchanaburi’s Erawan National Park to enjoy some spectacular landscapes and waterfalls.  The months of July and August are great for divers and for doing snorkeling, so make sure to keep your gears ready.



The Summer Season (March to July)

     This is the low tourist season in Thailand as the temperature surges to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it becomes extremely hot, humid, and uncomfortable to go outside. But looking on the brighter side you can cash on some hefty discounts on hotels and flights during the summer season. Make sure to carry a lot of sunscreen and plenty of water to survive the summers of Thailand. You can also witness one of the major festivals of Thailand, Songkran in April.

Things to keep in mind

Visiting the Northern area of Thailand during the rainy season you might encounter flooded roads and lots of slippery slopes. Koh Chang and Andaman coast are also to be avoided during the rainy season.

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